Thursday, April 18, 2013

My little swan

Photographer: Charlotte Swan

A magical meeting, two creatures that everything oppose but still have a kind of resemblance, searching for each other, just for the time of one dance. A courtship in the midle of the light that touch the beauty of a new friendship. The born of a swan which spreads her wings...

La magie d'une rencontre, deux êtres que tout semble opposer et qui pourtant se ressemblent, se cherchant l'un l'autre le temps d'une danse, une parade séductrice au milieu de reflets lumineux qui effleurent la beauté d'une amitié naissante. La naissance d'un cygne qui déploie ses ailes...


  1. your photos look always magic!:) love your new haircut!

    1. Thank you ;) But that's my twin sister on the pictures, she looks like me on those pictures

  2. aah:D anyways the haircut is really pretty!:)