Friday, May 24, 2013

Black feather

Photographer: Charlotte Swan

My black swan, the sweetness of your feathers, the kindness of your look and the light in your eyes that grows, a wild light. That respect between each other, two beings that can only talk with their eyes, an obvious way to communicate which is sufficient to understand the other. An unappreciated animal considered nasty, mistakenly. Its song is so beautiful, a fascinating creature.

Mon cygne noir, la douceur de tes plumes, la caresse de ton regard et cette lueur qui t'anime, belle, grandissante, sauvage. Ce respect mutuel entre deux êtres dont le regard est la seule façon de communiquer et qui pourtant suffit. Un animal méconnu et souvent jugé dangereux et méchant, à tort. Son chant suffit à vous transporter et à apaiser toute crainte. Une créature fascinante et magnifique.


  1. Beautiful *_*
    Amazing pics. The most I like second (:

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    Let me know :D

  2. Amazing pictures !
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    Have a great weekend!